Thursday, Sep 23, 2021

General Policy

Safety, loss prevention & QA/QC program:



The following is an overview of the safety, loss prevention, QA/QC Programme to maintain a vigorous accident prevention programme thereby eliminating human distress and financial loss. We place great emphasis on this comprehensive programme. The Senior Safety Officer administers the programme with the assistance of the respective site safety officers.

Primary area of emphasis is on accident prevention. Knowledge and safety conscious employee utilizing good techniques and equipment are cornerstones of the company’s accident prevention policy. Our workforce and supervisors are conversant with recognition of hazards associated with their jobs and we insists our employees work safety but complying with all necessary precautions.

Our accident prevention programme includes training and education. Each new arrival in the company receives a safety indoctrination course administered by the Safety Officer, which includes the proper use of protective equipment, hazards which may be encountered on a particular job and discussion on the individual responsibility in avoiding injury or damage, fire prevention also a demonstration on operating fire extinguishers, and how to render primary first aid.

Our company Senior Safety Officer and full time Safety Officers are responsible for achieving our goal of “NO ACCIDENTS” by conducting weekly safety meetings to improve existing work methods and daily job site inspections to recognize unsafe conditions and to ensure legal and contractual requirements affecting safety and health are complied with. The safety officer will also be responsible to investigate any injury to personnel or loss or damage to equipment and material and records a monthly safety report. Prior to commencement or work, arrangements will be made for first aid and facilities for prompt attention to the injured, in accordance with Bahrain Law.